Lake Lila Traverse in Adks

I recently did the traverse from Little Tupper Lake to Lake Lila. The black flies were out in force, but other than that, it was a gorgeous trip. I was disappointed that the state hasn’t properly signed and marked the portage trails (there are several), but there is plenty of surveyor’s tape, so you won’t get lost. I’ll be writing about the trip in the next issue of the Adirondack Explorer. I’ll post a link when it’s online. Meantime, here’s a little something from my blog:

Hi, Phil
Nice blog and I can’t wait to read about your adventure in the next A.E… I have been to Lows lake a couple of times and an planning to go back this year again.I’m more into base camping than doing a lot of carries. Once a year I’m willing to do a move every day trip, bad knees. Can’t wait to read your story!


Can you give me some details? We are planning a trip for mid-July. Thanks.

I have
spent may days on Lila, what a great place, it has everything, islands, beaches, nice sites, and a nice hike up Mt. Fredericka(sp?). Great history too, there use to be a great camp at the end.

Story now online
Glad you like the Explorer and Adirondack canoeing. Here is the link to the full story. The mainbar describes the trip. The sidebar focuses on the legal issues. You might also want to check out my blog again. I link to a letter from a former DEC official who agrees that Shingle Shanty Brook is a navigable waterway that is, or should be, open to the public.

Have spent May

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days on Lake Lila; and the October days we've spent there are so much the better - bugs not!

Lake Lila has it all in a relatively small space; you probably have this map/book combination already:

That said, it's a people magnet during the season when you're planning your paddle - right up there with Lows Lake.

Hope your cabin maintenance went well. Sooner or later it's got to be ice out on Cranberry Lake.

Mr. N, see you on the water.


Navigating The Law: Not So Simple

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All is well and good, as long as the landowner is held blameless when the paddler/hiker/climber/snowmobiler/4-wheeler screws up, and then tries to sue the landowner.

And in our society, lawyers are not going out of business any time soon – been there; and done that.

And that is why I’m not currently involved in owning any land/shoreline/island in the Adirondack Park.

Mr. adkeditor, love to read about your doing the “big political/legal” paddling trip; and if you have not read this book, I recommend to you The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer:

Clarence Petty is one of my all time heroes:

And how many years did it take for Clarence Petty to see the floating fishing camps removed from Brandy Brook Flow on Cranberry Lake?

At the end of the day, doesn’t it all come down to evolution vs. revolution?


Law school and latrines
Thanks for the way points and wisdom Mike. I just ordered an Eric Hoffer book from Amazon, signed up for flying lessons in Potsdam, enrolled in law school, sold my Adirondack waterfront property, and canceled my summer vacation on Lake Lila. Anything else? Actually, I would have kept my plans for Lake Lila in place, but, I knew that sooner or later you’d publish the ways points of each and every latrine, so why bother?

Don’t despair
Mr. N, there is always snowshoeing on Cranberry lake in July.


Cat Stevens?
Does Yusuf Islam know that Cranberry Lake is still frozen?