Lake Massabesic Manchester NH

Can anyone tell me about access points on Lake Massabesic?



There is a canoe access at the Deer Neck Bridge between the north and south parts of the lake. There is a public boat ramp in Auburn not far from where the Little Massebesic River dumps in. You could put in at the Park right at the circle of exit 1 on 101. There is another boat ramp east of the cirle. All public access points are daylight use only so if you go in the evening make sure you park outside the gates.

There are several spots in Auburn where you could park and launch right from the road.

Launch points
If you head south from the Massabesic Traffic Circle on Rt. 28 you will cross the narrow river part that joins the two parts of the lake and there is a launch spot immediately on your left if you are heading south. They have dumped a ton of crushed rock there this spring so it can be a tad tough on a composite boat now for launching and beaching.

Going east from that same traffic circle towards Auburn you will pass a Catholic Church and shortly after that there is a public boat launch shooting off to the right. It is next to a little white Holy Roller church.

Going a little further east on that same road the lake will be immediately on your right and you can launch from that shoreline.

Going even further east on this same road it will wind a bit and go up and over a few rises then hit a four way intersection. Take a right there and go by the Auburn store. About a half mile further you will see another public boat launch on your right.

If you luanch at the Deer Neck bridge (first launch site listed) and paddle out under the bridge you will see a chain of bouys where the lake opens up. You are not allowed to paddle over-past those bouys, but bang a left and there will be plenty of islands, nooks, crannies and coves to paddle in.

There are no restrictions on other parts of the lake when going out from any of the other launches outside of the rule that you are not to step into the water to launch unless your feet are in boots that are above water level. Resevoir rules.

Massabesic traffic circle is just south of exit 1 on rt 101 and the Auburn launch can be reached going south off of exit 2. the other two launches are between the two exits.