Lake Mead kayak rentals

Hubbie and I are thinking we might be in Las Vegas sometime soon and would like to kayak Lake Mead. We want to rent kayaks, paddles, and vests for a day but don’t want rec boats if we can help it.

Any suggestions?

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Pahsimeroi should be able to hook you up.

Thanks, Chuck
I thought about it. I’ll email him directly if he doesn’t respond I guess. I’ve been curious about him for a long time. :wink:

This outfit …
Says they rent and deliver kayaks, can’t vouch for them, but I found them for a friend from UK planning a trip …

Also several of the marinas say they have kayaks to rent. I don’t know anybody who has rented from them. I have a friend in Henderson and he says there are supposedly some rental outfits there.

Kayak Lake Mead
Hi, we are …and we don’t have rec boats…We have a small fleet but depending upon the date you have in mind; we might be able to help you. Give me a hollar at

I’ll be in touch when we know when we’ll be there.