Lake Nipigon Mini Trip Report

This is the mini trip report for the Lake Nipigon trip that many of you helped gather info for me. It turned out very nice trip. Most days, we had 2 to 3 foot chop. This was posted over a myccr. Eventually, I’ll post a greater detailed story on when I get it finished.

Day One: Put in at Beardmore in 2 to 3 footers and paddled down to Grant Point where we found a thin sand beach. Camped there for the night. The water and waves seems to get closer and higher during the night. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some seiche action.

Day Two: The next morning the wind was up and the waves were still in the 3 foot range (shoulder high to overhead) along the shore, so we skipped the crossing to Shakespeare Island and paddled south and crossed to McKee Island in 2 foot chop. We camped on a very nice rock slab past Pipestone Point (anyone know if this is real Pipestone?) Past Pipestone Point we ran into two small fishing boats convoying around the islands. These were the only people we were to see the rest of the trip.

Day Three:The next day, we started off to Alexandra Island, but the person I was with was having problems controlling his kayak in quartering winds and the 2 foot chop (shoulder high), so I redirected us into a tail wind and crossed to Lone Island. A densely wooded small island about 4 miles off the coast. The remaining crossing to the campsite, I surfed and waited. I caught a few bigger steep waves and got some great rides. Then we camped on a small nice beach two islands away from a cabin. Right after dinner a NW squall appeared about of nowhere with about 25 knots. It went from no wind to 25 knots in about 5 minutes.

Day Four: The next day, it was still about 15 knots, but we set off to round Shakespeare Island. By the time we ended up on the northshore, the wind had died and we had left over 2 footers. Stopped for lunch on the western side of the island and found a structure for a large tarp hunting camp. Found a large cache of gear under sticks and tarps. Seemed a bit illegal and hidden. King’s Head was a fantastic hill with about 60 to 100’ rock faces dropping right into the water. Very cool. I’d have liked to run right on the rock, but I felt it best to stay out to be away from the rebounding waves with the person I was with on the trip. Not sure he would have enjoyed handling them. We camped at a large, but gross campsite. Human dung all over it turning white.

Day Five: In the morning the wind was from the south and strong. We paddled south to the first campsite we stayed in once we got to the island. I paddled out into 4 footers (really overhead) and other waves well well above head for a bit. Played around, caught some surf and then went back to the campsite, where my friend already was setting up camp. We hung at camp and watched the trees sway.

Day Six: After that, I played it by ear and we made the 8 mile crossing back to Beardmore the next morning mid morning after the wind had died. It picked up shortly after we made it back.

It’s a great paddling spot! I really would like to go back there. Highly recommended.

Route Map:

Cool trip report.
I remember reading one years ago by Peter somebody associated with a club in the Minneapolis area, and the scenery was stunning. Seems like Nipigon is similar to a smallish Great Lake.


Got a quick look at it from a county
park on the east shore. Looked like it offered a lot of variety.

Small Great Lake
That’s exactly what I’d call it. It’s a big lake (1,872 sq mi) -bigger than Lake of the Woods. I was thinking – while there – Lake Superior training ground.

Here’s my observation on paddling there: I live in Grand Marais, so I can get to either Lake Nipigon or the Apostle Islands in exactly the same amount of time. For the scenery, the 500+ islands, the wilderness, the ease of getting permits, etc… I’d always take Lake Nipigon over the Apostles. Always.

I can’t wait to get back to Nip and explore the remote northshore.

Any more 2009 trips for Ontario
If your ever going back to Nipigon or other Ontario

trips I’d be interested in going if your looking for

other trip partners. I contacted you awhile back about

sea spirit build.


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