Lake Nipigon

I have been trying to find charts of the south end of Lake Nipigon, and was told that it is not a charted lake. I’ve never been on this lake and would like to explore it, but am finding no information. If anyone knows of charts available, a good 3-day circle route, etc, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Charts ?
Are you looking for a hydrograph or will a map downloaded from some website like topozone do ?

Did you try Canadian Topographical maps?

I aquired those maps for a trip
that never happened on Nipigon from the Canadian map office. At least the ones for the west shore and s/w shore areas. Was told we’d need a permit from the local tribe to access the lake from the west. Not too many access points otherwise. Some cool islands out there, with some hard approaches as there are some steep cliffs on a lot of sides. Looked interesting.

Lake Nipigon Charter
Try contacting Brenda at Nighthawk Charters. They are located on Lake Nipigon and might be able to help you out.

phone: toll free 1 (888) 504-1595


Try this interesting trip report on Nipigon.