Lake Placid

I’ll be up at Lake Placid, NY for a weeks worth of training/conference. Any suggestions for must-paddle areas in/near Lake Placid. I can both both white-water & touring boats with me.



Watch out for crocs ;-]

Lower Saranac
I was there a few years back, and enjoyed lower (?) Saranac immensely. It’s a short drive from the town of Lake Placid itself, and is a decent size with a few interesting little tributary excursions (Fish Creek, etc.). Wonder if that nondescript little Mexican restaurant is still in the small strip mall just outside of town…extremely reasonable and excellent food, and 172 different kinds of tequila…

So close to Champlain.

The Saranacs and…
The Saranac Lakes are very beautiful. Lower and Middle Saranac in particular. The leaves are changing in the high peaks and the crowds are few (until Columbus Day).

For big water, Champlain is the best bet. For moderately big water, I think Lake George is only about an hour away from Placid. If doing Lake George, put in at Bolton or further North.

Lake placid
Don’t forget Lake Placid itself!

Hi! I’m glad that I get to respond to your post, as this is my “stomping grounds.” I grew up in the Saranac Lake area, and spent many of my summers camping in and around the area with friends and family. I also worked for the DEC on Lower Saranac 3 summers ago, and at Fish Creek 2 summers ago.

This time of the year, the Saranac chain would indeed be a good idea. The swarms of powerboats that can ruin (at least for me) the lake for paddlers during the summer should be fading off by now. Also, you can camp on Middle and Lower Saranac for free after labor day, as the state campground officially closes then, and the campsites return to quazi-wilderness status (you can camp on Upper for free year round, if you can find a free site).

In my opinion however, if you are in the Tri-Lakes region, there are a couple must-see areas. The first of which is the St. Regis Canoe Area, the only designated canoe area in the State as I understand it. This is area is as good as pond-hopping gets, and I have truly enjoyed every trip I have made into this area… how could you not enjoy no motors, no house, peace and quite :slight_smile:

I would also highly recommend the Little Tupper Lake/Rock Pond area, Bog River Flow-Lows Lake, and Lake Lila. If you really need to stay closer to Lake Placid, the northern end of Lake Placid (not to be mistaken for mirror lake) is very nice, and has a breathtaking view of the Whiteface.

If you’d like more info about any of these areas please feel free to ask, I’d be more than happy to suggest some nice campsites/routes in any of these areas.


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Casa del Sol is still there, but personally I'd suggest going to Desparado's or the Carribean Cowboy in LP instead. I've always found Despo's to have better prices and very similar food as Casa, plus you don't hit the 1hr+ lines there.

Also, Fish Creek is off of Upper Saranac, but Lower/Middle also have very nice branches and such to explore.

Good eats…
If you’d like some unusual food, try Lisa G’s just outside of town on rt 73. A very eclectic menu which is written in a humorous fashion. If the weather is nice, you can sit on the back deck overlooking a creek (too small to paddle) and a pond with waterfall.

If you’re a beer drinker, be sure to try the Lake Placid Brewery. All beers are excellent-- my favorite is the Ubu ale. Pres Clinton agreed: he had cases of it sent to the White House!

Lake Placid itself is a nice paddle. For a lake this size it’s suprisingly, well, placid. Nice views of Whiteface Mt, some pretty cliffs on the East shore.

Ohhhh yes

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Ubu ale is a gift from god. For years now my family has gone to the Pub on an almost weekly basis, but my parents actaully just told me they were really dissapointed last week, apparently the menu just changed and the food wasn't so hot... :-( hopefully it's just a one time thing, because I sure love that pub.

I'll also second his Lisa G's recommendation, I've only been there once personally, but I enjoyed it, and all my friends speak highly of the place.

Lake Plastic area paddling
Keith mentioned great destinations but some are a distance away. If you wanna stay closer you should consider the Chubb R or W branch of Ausable. In addition to L. Plastic you can carry your craft from downtown to a launch on these waters.

If you provide some add. info (how far do you want to travel to launch ? Shuttle available ? length of time on water ?) more specific recommendations will likely result.

Regardless, do try the Ubu while in town !

Lisa G’s
As you sit on the back patio, overlooking the spillway on the Chubb, you will find yourself looking at the building that houses the Placid Boatworks. Stop by; they will let you test a Spitfire or Rapidfire!

A Creek by any other name
I’ve been calling that creek between Shingle bay and Ampersand bay along the northern shore of Lower Saranac Lake “Fish Creek” for a long time. I didn’t know there was one on Upper Saranac Lake. But as you know, repeated names are common in the Adirondacks. If ever someone invites you to meet them at “Mud Lake”, make sure you get the GPS coordinates to avoid misunderstanding.