Lake Powell - Hite area

Looking to kayak this area - along with camping.

Anybody out here have done this?

Any suggestions - or should we pick a better area

It’ll be around June 8th

Lake P
Lake Powell has some amazing destinations. Check out the rental outfits out of Page. They have the best info on lake leves adn the CO river into the Resivior. Tons of side canyons to explore, remote, wilderness, a great place to go paddle.

Great Place / Canyon REO
I agree. remote with great side canyons. I spent about 2 weeks there in a sea kayak a few years ago. CanyonREO in flagstaff may be able to help you too.

Sea Kayak
We have our own Sea Kayaks and want to spend about 4 days paddling and camping. I’ll check these out places to see what info they have - thanks

Sounds like fun
We found that a lot of the outfitters in Flagstaff new the area well, and really helped us with logistics. Peace Outfitters is a good one too. they helped us a lot.

Hite Area
Now I heard that there is some rapids even in the Hite area due to low water

Sea Kayaker
Good article about Lake Powell in the latest issue (April) of Sea Kayaker magazine.

Kayak Lake Powell
I would check out these guys…they do all sort of mothership shuttles and really know the best side canyons to check out.