Lake Powell Trip Advise

Group of us 2 adults and 3 kids ages 14 (2) and 10 are planning to do a 2 day (overnight camping) kayaking trip on lake Powell. Starting point is around Page. Couple of questions:

Destinations within 4-5 hours of paddling?

Where to rent kayak. We would prefer standard sit in sea kayaks?

Other information that could be useful?


Trip Dates
Forgot to mentioned Trip Days are end of June, 24 and after (2 weeks)

Wahweap Bay
The only 3 campgrounds on the lake near Page are on Wahweap Bay. There is the new resort and the main campground at the launch area if you are in an RV. Both are expensive. There is the Lone Rock campground that will handle tents and RVs. I usually stay at Lone Rock. You go just across the border into Utah and turn right at a very small sign that says Lone Rock, The Kiosk is set way back and not visible from the main road. Unimproved open camping at $8 last time I was there. Be very careful if you dont have 4 wheel drive. Do not stray from the solid roads. They do have a dump station and water available. Microflush toilets and there are bathrooms and outside showers at the top.

There is a kayak guide in Page. I believe he does camping tours. I have not used his services.

Water level is critical. Wahweap is fairly large and you can do some exploring if you are there only 2 days but if the water is low Antelope Island will be a peninsula and that passage into the main lake will be gone. That leaves the main channel which is a nightmare at times. It is narrow and the reflected wakes can make it pretty rough and you would not be very visible. You would have to go through very early in the morning or it is a washing machine.

You really need more time if you want to explore the main lake. If you camp from your boats, you will need to bring out all your waste in approved containers.

I was thinking of renting 3 kayaks from Twin Finn there in Page and depart to the canyons (4-6 hours) stay there and then come back next day. Are you saying that I can’t camp there like this? Not sure if I understood you correctly.

Lake Powell camping
If you put in at the boat ramp near Waheap marina it’s only about a 3 hour or so paddle to the first areas where you can wilderness camp. You’ll need to bring your own water and those fancy little bags for pooping. I spent 5 days kayaking/camping on Lake Powell last April. The info about the channel out of Waheap is very, very, very true. I came closer to swamping in the wake of a monstrous houseboat there than ever on the coast of Newfoundland on a bad day. If you can go during the week there’s a lot less traffic. The low lake level has opened up all kinds of pocket canyons that you can only get into with a kayak. Many open into romantic little grottos with jade green water.


There are plenty of places to camp from a boat. Just pack it in and pack it out including any human waste.