Lake Raystown, PA

I am headed up to Lake Raystown for a wedding where my wife is Maid of Honor…which means one thing, i will have plenty of free time to explore Raystown. It will be my first visit to this 8000 acre lake and i will be staying in the Lakeside Villas at the Lake Raystown Resort.

I am planning on making an early morning paddle (say 7am-noon) Has anyone stayed at the resort and if so, where did you put in at on the Lake?

Any areas of particular interest or beauty would reasonably have enough time to paddle to in my 5 hr trip?

Because the distance i can easily travel (assuming there will be other boats with HP making it harder to navigate) would depend at least slightly on what kind of boat i am using, I’ll tell you i will be paddling my trusty little Otter Super Sport. It’s not the fastest, but its the easiest to transport the 4+ hrs i have to drive.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Head over to the Senoia Loop
… near the Five Points Marina and you will see more canoes and kayaks than you ever would have imagined. This weekend a bunch of folks are getting together at the Senoia Loop campground for an annual get-together and whoop-up. Come on in and enjoy. There is nice launching where we camp.

Just be careful though. Showing up could put you in serious jeopardy of getting waylayed and then being late for one of your mandatory wedding appearances.

resort launching
I’m pretty sure you can launch directly from the shore of the resort. I paddled by there last year and it looked like pretty easy water access. The best scenery on that part of the lake is to the south.

And if you have time, I’ll second what Clarion said about heading over to the other side of the lake and down to Senoia Loop. Good place to be this weekend if you are a paddler.

thanks for the heads up
I am actually headed down this weekend, the 18th, so i might have missed all the p-netters. Sounds like a blast. Not to many people i know involved in the sport, so i am used to paddling alone. Would be great time to actually see some others share some stories. Thanks again for your advice.

Raystown Lake Visit Late July
Stayed at the CoE campground rather than the resort in late July this year. Some photos and commentary on this web link:

I paddled the lake a couple of times in the early morning. Both beautiful and interesting. Hope to go back.



Next year come to Raystown

in the early part of Oct (2nd weekend) and meet some real camping paddlers.

The weather is probably still hot as hell so you’ll probably only need a bathing suit and sun screen.


Raystown survivor