Lake Roosevelt, WA

Anyone ever paddle the lake behind Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River.?
It is around 182 miles long. Partly forested with a lot of wildlife. Good walleye fishing.

Never did paddle above Grand Coulee Dam but have canoed most of the Columbia below the dam down to Richland and a stretch down below the mouth of the Willamette River. The section above Richland is the last free-flowing section of the river in the lower 48. I miss canoeing on the Columbia; quick training paddles, day trips with family and friends, multi-day trips with coyotes singing you to sleep at night.

As to those introduced walleye, they are a predator of young salmon returning to the ocean. One more nail on the salmon’s coffin.

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There are no salmon above the Grand Coulee so the Walleye are not preying on them in Lake Roosevelt.

I have canoed short sections of upper Lake Roosevelt.
It is beautiful and very quiet - although not what I would call ‘wilderness’ in any way. Certainly in the upper section there are public lands that would enable you to plan reasonable distances between Camping spots.

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