Lake St. Clair - Michigan - Low levels

-- Last Updated: Apr-22-11 3:21 PM EST --

Army Corps of Engineers predicting low water levels
across the Great Lakes in 2011.
A dry winter and low precipitation will affect
the cargo tonnage of shipping vessels.

Paddlers will probably see more "mud flats"
out on Lake St. Clair in Michigan

That’s sad because last spring it seemed like lake Michigan was a lot higher after years of being down.

Ryan L.

Wasn’t all that long ago that folks were
complaining about high lake levels leaving them with little beach below their bluffs.

we had one of the worst droughts in hist
was all over the national news for a bit but now we are above full pool if i recall at one point we was like 25 feet blow full pool

Great Lakes Water Levels
Fairly accurate records have been kept for years