Lake Superior Prov. Park vs. Kilarney

I’m getting spring fever here in Michigan…and trying to plan some trips for the upcoming paddling season.

I know, I know…why aren’t I paddling in the 6’ waves, 32 degree water, and snow covered beaches of Lake Michigan right now? Maybe next year :wink:

So anyway, my wife and I have paddled all over the great lakes on the American side, but are looking to explore the Ontario cost.

Two choices, as I see it, are Kilarney and Lake Superior Provincial Parks. THey’re both relatively close to crossing at The Soo and they both sound very fun to me.

So that you know what we’re looking for, we’re most happy at places like the Apostle Islands and the northern shores of Isle Royale where you get a bit of wilderness, but a bit of relaxed camping too with bear-boxes and the like. Least exciting for us is camping that involves lots of people nearby or crowded campgrounds.

Does anyone on this board have experience paddling either of those parks? Tips? Tricks? Totally different suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

if you’re willing to do
superior provincial, drive the rest of the way to Pukaskwa National Park. Check out

for some trip pics.

Can’t go wrong with either…
We’ve done the LSPP coastline several times and Killarney to Key river once. Both are very nice. If you want to maximise your chance at solitude my best suggestion is to go in early May. The nice part about Killarney eastward is the lack of coastal highway. We’ve never enjoyed the south part of LSPP as much as the north due to the road noise. Getting there and water access are both easier at LSPP. Scenery is spectacular in both. Nicer beaches at LSPP, but more people (backpackers along the coastal trail portion). This year we are doing our first August trip (we’re booked from May-July). Hopefully the bugs won’t be too bad, but either way it’ll be nice to have warmer water temps for once. Haven’t fully decided, but we’re probably going to try starting somewhere in the North Channel and paddling east to end the trip in Killarney.

I’ve canoed and portaged on some of the inland waterways in Killarney. Interesting and beautiful place to paddle - almost mountainous terrain. The landscape there is still recovering from past heavy exposure to acid rain from WW2 era Sudbury. Some of the lakes have no fish and are eerily crystal clear.

But from your profile I think you’re mostly interested in kayaking the Georgian Bay shoreline of Killarney. And I have no first hand experience of that. But from reading your camping preference, sometime consider Voyager National Park as your paddling destination. I think it would suit you well.