Lake Superior Provincial Park

Looking to do back-country camping in LSPP this summer (late July, early AUgust).

Anyone been there? Any suggestions for good backcountry camping there?

I’ve done backcountry paddling and camping on Lake Superior already at Isle Royale, Grand Island and the Apostle Islands, so I’m not looking for cautionary tales of the big lake (I fully recognize and respect the immense body of water) or stuff about water temps.

More, I’m looking for advice from people who have been there, seen cool stuff and have ideas about where I should go. I looked at Pukaskwa, and while it looks neat, I don’t think I want to add the extra 2 hours to get there. I’m already driving north from Kalamazoo so LSPP is far enough


THanks in advance!

On Superior or inland Lakes of LSPP?
I kayaked from Awaga Bay to the Michipicoten River last summer. Are you going to be on Superior or the inland lakes with in the park? Hiking or paddling?

Paddling for sure, sea kayaks for sure.

The matter of Lake Superior shoreline vs. inland lakes will be determined mainly by weather forecasts and advice from others.

I’ve done week long trips to Isle Royale and Apostle Islands, so I’m fine with the big lake (as fine as you can be with it, at least) and know to build in weather days, etc.

I’m mainly looking for suggestions on a 3-4 day trip (since I don’t have the time to do a week long trip this time)

Great Trip. Pictographs, Sinclair Harbor, Gargantua Bay, Warp Bay, Devils Warehouse, Till Creek Falls, Old Woman Bay, Brule Harbor all great stop along the LSPP coast. Order the park map from the park ranger before going on the trip. Warp bay campground and Brule Harbor are particularly good campsites. Till Creek Falls is hard to find. Till Creek has campsites at the rivermouth. It is a hike up the river keep going until you get to large cliff that you cannot possible climb.