Lake Superior Provincial Park

I’m looking for any observations about the coastline of Lake Superior Provincial Park. We’re planning a 3 day trip in the area and would like any info on what to look out for and what highlights we should try to see.



Camping or day trips?
Lake Superior or inland lakes? It’s a beautiful Park and there are many options. If your doing any part of the coastline we’ve done it several times and I can give you some info. Email me.


lake p park
I cant offer any paddling tips but i was probably the first group to backpack the entire shoreline in the early 80’s and have done it a few times from Gargantua Bay to Old Woman Bay.

Comments on camps and shorelines etc.

For PROTECTION from sudden storms etc Gargarntua, Warp, Red Rock (mouth) offer some good seclusion etc esp the first two.

There are some 300 foot cliffs south of Old woman bay which will keep you from getting to shore so make sure you dont get stuck there!

GET out the topos and mark these next place off as I type…

Look for Teal Lake inland about 3-6 miles ish north of Cape Challon(sp??) and south of OLD Woman… there is a small but wonder rocky beach on the south side of where the creek (teal) or is is Till?? empties in. Pull your boats up there and walk inland 50 feet to a wonder campsite. Also make sure you follow the creek upstream a few hundred yards to a MASSIVE waterfall that plumets into a small gorge. We rappelled off the top of the fall in into a tiny cave as the water pours overtop. Its was cold as hell! We also caught plenty of steelhead with our barehand in the creeks some were near 30 inches. This is easy to do while they are spawning but not now when you get there etc.

RED ROCK River. Ideally a good makeshift camp with a wind break and wooden benches lies south of the mouth about 200 yards. Look for its. It can hold a big group of people with plenty of shelter. We called it the red rock hilton etc. You could also gain access to the cliff at the mouth from the back and climb up the brush to reach the top. There is usually some pools of water heated by the sun and worth a bath too!

Warp bay has a nice south facing sand beach and well protected. Pleanty of hiking near there and good pike fishing too. Gargantua bay is protected and maybe some old shacks you could sleep in too unless they have fallen down. There is a few islands near here with some indian tepe rings but have never found them.

Good luck and have fun.