Lake Superior Provincial Park

Any suggestions for best scenery closest to launch points Sinclair cove, Bald head, Gargantua Bay? Would Old Woman Bay be worth the trip? There will only be 2 of us paddling in our group so we are limited to day trips and trying to make the most of our day paddles. We have 6 days to play with. Any personal favorites?


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You will get better response at Canadian Canoe routes.

Warp Bay
North of Gargantua, the most beautiful sandy beach you’ll see anywhere. Camping there too.

Warp Bay is an isolated stretch of sandy beach that is unbelievably inviting. Check out pics from last years trip. The first few pics are from the 2005 Paddlefest near Wawa and the rest are from a 3 day trip putting in at Sinclair Cove and taking out in Gargantua Bay. Enjoy:


Nice pics!