Lake Superior - Sleep Giant to Rossport

Anyone done it?

(This is listed as Route 24: Silver Islet and Route 25: Rossport Islands in Guide to Sea Kayaking Lakes Michigan and Superior.)

I just returned from a week-long car camping circle tour of Lake Superior and was blown away by this area–would love to paddle it and would appreciate any practical experience anyone at PNet may have.


Slate Islands
I have paddled the Slates, great place to see Caribou, and not a lot of people!!

Fantastic paddle!
Did it 2001 and it was awsome! So many great islands to camp on, very few people, Lots of wood fired saunas. many beaches with tiny round uniform pebbles, like sleeping on a beanbag chair. many route possibilities alowing for winds. CPR slip was very cool. met lots of great people there. Saw quite a few moose and lots of waterbirds and fowl. could easily be done in week. Peace Joel

Silver Islet to Rossport
In August of 2006 I solo kayaked from Rossport to Little Trout Bay, which is a launching area a short distance into Ontario from Grand Portage, MN. The kayaking is true wilderness tripping with very few beaches and established camping spots. You can go for days without seeing anyone else! Yes, there are three saunas along there. The trip can’t be cut short, because there are no places along the way to land and have any road access. There are exposed crossings to make and very rugged areas where it is difficult to land and find suitable places to camp.

How were the winds?
My guide book suggests going in the spring to avoid the higher winds in late summer. I’d hate to be in that area during blackfly season and appreciate Superior’s (relatively) warmer temps September.

When I paddled Isle Royale in August/September 2005 we were able to avoid the afternoon winds by paddling in the calm early morning hours. Did you find this to be the case along the north coast as well?

It blew 25 knots
the whole first week of July 2001 then calmed down the second week. we did a round trip. I thought campsites were easy to find.