Lake Tahoe - East Shore Planning


I’m planning a paddle up the East Shore of Tahoe later this month.

To avoid the frequent afternooon winds, I plan on starting the paddle at 8:00am or so.

I was thinking about going from Zephyr Cove (put-in) up to Sand Harbor as a take out. (~14 miles)

Are there any other accessible putin/takeout locations along the East Shore that I could use? I know a lot of it is rock and private property, so that limits accessibility.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.



Paddler CHuck Freedman wrote a superb article in the Sea Kayaker magazine linked above with a complete review of the information you seek re: Lake Tahoe. email him on pNet tsunamichuck–le likely can link you his informative and experienced article.

Cave Rock is pretty close
as is Nevada State Beach.

water trail
There is a Lake Tahoe Water Trail Association. They have a map for sale, but unfortunately not online.

A friend posted info on the Sand Harbor launch point to

Nothing here that would be more than Tsunamichuck would provide, as he was the one who guided us to this spot last year.

Similar Goal
I’m planning to cross the lake from Cave Rock to Tahoe City in a month or two. I’d be interested in hearing how your trip goes. I’m also looking for someone to come along with me since it’s across the lake and wold be better with a partner.

If you have any interest in the crossing, let me know.

I’ll also keep an eye out for a trip report from you about how your 14 miles goes.


Thank you all…
Thanks to all who responded…

I emailed Mr. Squid separately…

I bought the Water Trail map last year, and it’s great, but doesn’t have all the info… The web site (unfortunately) is even worse…

I’d love to read T-Chuck’s article, but I don’t have that particular back issue. If someone has a .pdf of it, I’d love to read it.

Cave Rock is an option that I’ll consider, I didn’t even know about it. (But drove past a few dozen times!! :slight_smile: I was figuring on Zephyr Cove to Sand Harbor, which is okay, unless a wind storm kicks up.

BTW… The latest version Google Earth has a ton of street views and Panorama pics that are really great… It’s like being there, but different!

Thanks again.