Lake Tahoe Suggestions this June

Hi. I’m planning on paddling Lake Tahoe this june simply for it’s beauty, and clear waters (maybe do a little gambling)

Can anyone suggest which part of the lake to paddle, launch, camp, explore, (water temps)(things to see)(things to avoid) that kind o’ thing.

I imagine I’ll only do day paddles w/picnic lunch, photograph, explore by myself, enjoy a 4 day vacation time away from the office.

Any suggestions for a tent campground that is relatively peaceful.

I’ll be driving up from Southern California - Huntington Beach

Thanks a bunch for any info,

A friend,

Most folks do Emerald Bay or Sand Harbor

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Emerald Bay is on the SW corner of the Lake. You can launch from Camp Richardson or Baldwin Beach from the south or Bliss State Park to the north. The paddle from the South is tree lined beach, from the north, Tree lined rocky cliffs. Lots of boat traffic. Prevailing winds from the SW so the west shore is a bit more sheltered. You can launch right from Sand Harbor. Still lots of boats. Tree lined rocky shores. 3-4 ft wind waves are not uncommon and 5-8 footers can occur, but usually not in June. Paddle south from Sand Harbor to Thunderbird Lodge, and nude beaches south of Chimney Beach. See the Dec 2005 Sea Kayaker.
For camping, Bliss State Park has easy vehicle access. There is the Boat-In camp at Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay State Park is ok, but it is a long walk down to the water with your boat. Stay away from Lake Tahoe State Park in Tahoe City.

Echo Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake
Sand Harbor is a great recommendation. Just west on highway 50 about is Echo Lake. It’s about 4 or so miles from one end to the other, but it’s the most beautiful place. You might have difficultly parking near the lake (very small lot) so arrive really early or drive down, dump the kayak, and go to the upper parking lot. The Pacific Crest Trail heads into the Desolation Wilderness through here so you can kayak to the end of the lake, then get out and do a little hiking, then head back. There’s also a shuttle boat that takes you to the end, and you call when you want to be picked up.

Fallen Leaf Lake has a campground that’s nice. The lake itself is a little small and there’s no public launch, but it’s nice and clear. Way behind FLL is a trail to some tiny lakes and it’s a great hike. Keep driving on the narrow dirt road until you hit the locked gate.

If you want another great hike, head for Carson Pass and do the Frog Lake, Winnemucca Lake trail (also part of the PCH). Highway 50 west, 89 south, 88 west. The bonus for this hike is that it’s at 8500 feet and climbs gradually.

Have great fun!

Get Reservations Now!

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Chuck pretty much hit the nicest spots to paddle, but reservations for summer can be very hard to get. I usually stay at Bliss because I like the trip from the north to Emerald Bay, but reservations there can be very hard to get.

Be aware that Emerald Bay campground doesn't really have boat access except for a very steep trail.

Camp Richardson is huge, but pretty much the default campground because it is easier to get reservations.

Also, water temps in June are still very cold by most people's standards. Try and get in and get a feel for it.

There are boat in sites
with easy access at Emerald Bay as well.

Is it crowded in September?
The photos of Tahoe I’ve seen look so good I’d hate to ruin my expectations by going when it’s crowded.

The crowds subside
after Labor Day. Early October is a good time. Water is still fairly warm, mid-high 50s or so and air temps in mid 60s-low 70s.