Lake Watauga, Tennessee

Anybody camped at this lake and paddled it? Tips? Campground reviews?



Watauga Lake has a depth of 312’ and then there is the Watauga that is the larger lake. It seems the town of Butler is close for logging other than camping at the Reservation, Cardens Bluff Campground. The place for the best fishing is a location of Butler Memorial Bridge. Early spring fishing is better in the dam area.

Check for reference. There it is possible to down a pdf file of the lake to print. I do not know the cost of the download. I bought the book for East Tennessee from Sportsman.

Looks like Walleye,Bass,Trout and more are there. It talks of a guide Tom Richards (423.246.7628) in Kingsport,Tn who is the best for the lake. There is susposed to be Jin clear water. I wanted to get this posted for you so I do not know much of lodging. Have a great time.

I’ve bookmarked the page. The download’s only about $4.95. If we make the trip, I’ll write up a trip report.