Lake Winnebago and Camping on Long Point Island

Hello all. Was just looking at the map of Wisconsin this morning and thinking about possible adventures. Noticed that there is a little island along the western coast of Lake Winnebago about 8-9 miles north of Fond Du Lac. Google maps tells me it’s called Long Point Island but I haven’t really found any other info on it.

For those familiar with the area, if I kayaked from Fond Du Lac to Long Point Island, do you think it would be possible to camp on the island overnight? The satellite view looks like there is a little beach and maybe one building, but that’s all I could make out. Just wondering if there are any obvious safety issues or possible broken laws if I set up my tent for the night.

In the end just looking for a little adventure close to home. If anyone else has any suggestions for Wisconsin islands to paddle to and camp overnight that would be welcome as well!

Check out Rock Island St Park off the Door Peninsula. Not sure what the rules are re COVID.

Looks like that is a private island according to the plat map. !