Lake Wylie, NC

Hi All,

Was hoping for some recommendations on kayaking on this lake. My wife and I are planning a trip from Alaska to visit my mom in NC around Thanksgiving. Has anyone paddled this lake? Are there rentals around?


It is in south Carolina
I used to paddle it a lot.

Is she in NC or SC?

If she is in NC you might do better to check out Mt Island Lake where they do rent kayaks at Latta Park.



In North Carolina
My mom lives on the North shore in NC, but will look up the other lake you suggested. Thanks.

About ten years ago there was …
a kayak rental place on the SC side of the Buster Boyd Bridge, but I am not sure if it is still there.

Also there is a free boat ramp with good parking at the same area.

I would keep away from there on the weekends though. That place is a zoo!



Lake Wiley, NC
Your very best bet has already been mentioned: Mountain Island Lake. It is accessible from the Latta Plantation area, is a beautiful paddle, especially down Gar Creek, and far more peaceful than Wiley. Lake Wiley is a powerboater heaven and the wakes and noise may drive you nutz - they do me!

Also, close to the same area is Cane Creek - Union county, NC - a fine public park with a splendid reservoir (empoundment they call 'em here!) and, again, far from the madding crowd. They rent canoes at Cane Creek, too.

Best of Luck!


Hey Steav
I used to live in the big old “Heath House” that is in the intersection of Rt 75 and 84 as you come into Monroe.

We bought it as a derelict from NCNB, (for 50K) and completely restored it lourselves

It has 12 foot ceilings on the first floor and eight fireplaces and came complete with friendly ghosts.

  • Man the stories I can tell about that place. Did you ever see a 120 volt electric drill turn on when it was not plugged in or a pencil come floating down from a ceiling like it was a feather.

    I should have written a book about our adventures raising eight kids there, but only the kids would believe the stuff that would be in it.