Lakeport State Park,Michigan

Anybody been there to camp or paddle? I’m going there on opening day and I hope it’s not raining…I’m going to be near Port Huron and figured it was the closest place to camp that was going to be open for camping. I hope there are some trees around to break any wind that I might encounter but I do want to camp as close to the lake as possible…any thoughts?

So I guess nobody
from Michigan has ever camped here eh?

Hi Linda,

Lakeport is nice, you can camp right along the lake. It gets very busy in the summer. It’s not a heavely forested park but it’s not bad either. Going on opening day, I would call to check on wether the facilities are operational. Michigan State Park funding has been shrinking lately.

a bit too metro for my taste. Too many people and cars.

lakeport and another option
Pretty populated but it gets you close to the water.

If you want to go a bit further, you can check out Albert Sleeper State Park on the tip of the thumb area. Still pretty populated, but there are a few lakeside sites you should be able to reserve, and there is a nice paddle around the thumb to some rock formations. Also a nice sandy beach.

Anything from Tawas State Park on down will be pretty populated during the summer.

I can’t go far since I have to work
that Saturday…