lakes around Shippensburg area

We have limited areas in the Shippensburg area, and since I am not from here, could you kind people let me know of some calm lakes in a hours radius of Shippensburg for beginner kayaker

Local 411

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In Marysville there is Blue Mountain Outfitters. Best darn shop in a 200 mile radius. They are active promoters of both kayaking and canoeing.

One of the P-Net regulars, billinpa, is from the York area and knows lots of potential locations.

Look at the various Raystown threads on the Getting Together board - second weekend in October, a gathering of boaters not equalled anywhere in the world.


Also, Google Earth shows state park
lakes fairly close to your east and to your west. And whatever that river is that goes through Shippensburg, there are occasional dam-created lake sections that probably have boat ramps for your convenience.

Thanks Jim, you were very helpful