Lamplight flash light / lantern

Does anyone know if this new product in the P-Net store is water-proof?



the website
says you have to let it dry out before you use it again…that to me means no…but it just clips onto the buttons of a 9volt battery…hmmmmm…useful???dunno…smaller lighter led lights now…

I have one

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Brunton LED Lamplight.
I got it at ORE in Boardman, OH last year.

It is not waterproof, but we have used it as a handy light for night paddling. It's not bothered by a light splash or spray, but I wound't want to dunk it in the water. It is a nice light to keep in your pocket at night and you can use the loop to hang from a loop in your tent. Simply extend the top and you have a nice low light tent lamp.

i thought that you meant the boatman nav light thingie…the snap on led to 9volt…sorry