Lanai Accent paddle - two piece - locking mechanism not working

The locking mechanism on my two piece Lanai paddle has stopped working/locking. Any tricks or solutions? In advance I have cleaned the inside cylinder and am confident dirt is not a factor.
Thanks, Kevin

I think your best bet is to contact the manufacturer. Best of luck.

Two questions:
Does your paddle have their “Kingpin” ferrule as below?
Is the problem that the two halves slide together, but won’t lock, or is it something else?


Yes, this is exactly the situation. The two halves connect but do not lock.

In advance, I have not been able to get a return email or call from the manufacturer.


My partner has a Lanai. It’s hibernating, but I’ll take a look in the next day or two and see if I have an epiphany (highly doubtful). :nerd_face:
Hopefully the Accent people will get back to you. I have contacted them once or twice and found them to be responsive. Maybe they’re taking an extended T-Giving break.

Thanks for the effort appreciated.
I am a couple months post contacting Accent. I will try them again, maybe I just hit a bad couple weeks.

Three possibilities:

  1. Make sure the blue mushroom-shaped cap at the tip of the male half hasn’t broken off.
  2. Looking down the tube (female half) you can see a blue collar expand and contract when you press and release the lock/unlock button on the shaft. When the pieces are assembled, the collar is supposed to close around the stem just underneath the cap. It is spring-loaded so resistance should be evident when you press the button. If resistance is absent, then the collar may not be locking around the stem.
  1. If the mushroom cap is in place and the button/collar is working, is it possible that the cap and stem have been pushed down a bit? The cap/stem and the toothed mechanism for feathering appear to be separate pieces rather than molded as one. If some weight was inadvertently placed on the cap when the paddle was disassembled, I could imagine it sliding down such that the cap doesn’t reach beyond the collar when the two halves are assembled.
    Sorry about the poor focus of the collar picture; I was trying to get some light down there and didn’t think of using the manual focus.
    Good luck.

DSC_0283 (1) copy

Thank you. I appreciate the effort in the response.
Accent would do well to learn from you. No response from the manufacturer for weeks to multiple tries.
I am now believing the issue is with the spring loaded mechanism not engaging.
Thanks again for the effort.

You’re very welcome. Too bad about the lack of attention from Accent. These are not low-end throw-away paddles. It they choose not to offer support equivalent to their competition, primarily Werner and Aqua Bound, they’ll disappear … just like Adventure Technology (AT) did.
Good luck.