Land Between the Lakes KY

Has anyone done a kayak trip on either Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley? I was wondering about the possibilities of paddling in and back country camping. As I remember from being stationed near there in the early Nineties the lakes never freeze so this would be a winter trip to avoid the power boaters.

I was there this spring but not to paddle, but checked out that very possibility. I think a fall trip would be very do-able and I know there are trip reports out there. The fishing can also be outstanding. Not sure if dispersed camping is allowed, but there are several primitive camping areas we saw at road ends that the locals use. It can get windy.

I have had my eye on LBL
for some time now, just never had the opportunity to paddle there.

AS I understand it, it is a Natl Recreation Area, with wilderness camping allowed via permit. There are also several developed campsites along the LBL shoreline. Seakayaker Mag had a great story about a LBL trip several years ago - you might contact SKM for back issues.