Land Between the Lakes, West KY

Anyone paddle or hike Land Between the Lakes area, in West Kentucky (S and E of Peducah)?

  1. Best area to paddle (canoe) for a day or multi-day trip, either on the impoundments or the river? Can you recommend an establishment than could provide a shuttle for a point to point paddle? An area that has least number of motor boats.

  2. Best places to both hike and backpack in the wilderness area?

    Thanks !!

I was there in early January of this year. I’ll have to get my maps out and figure out exactly where we hiked. I remember hiking around Honker Lake and on the Hematite Trail. It was an easy hike, with pretty scenery and some wildlife. In early January there were very few boats out. I doubt it will be a problem for you at this time of year. I’ll get my notes out tonight and see if I can find anything that might help you.

The elk and bison prairie is something you won’t want to miss - you drive through it so it’s not a hike, but makes for some good photos.

Also, the Ohio River is pretty around the Paducah area; they have beautiful murals painted on the floodwalls and some easy launch sites.

Little River
I took the little river trip with this group several years ago. It was my first time ever kayaking and got me interested. Now, I guess it has been at least four years, I finally bought my own boat and started paddling regularly.

They have a nice guided trip that is about 6 miles long with lunch stop at a cave about half way through. Pretty fun, especially for a first time group.

Thinking big
There is also a multi-day trip possible on Kentycky & Barkley lakes that is almost 90 miles long. Heads up the west shore of LBL, through the canal, and down the east shore. A local outfitter can shuttle you and your gear across the peninsula.


Look up
Kayak Jack’s for rentals and/or equipment as well as local info. They’re in Grand Rivers, KY

Best Resource
Contact Hoopers’ in Paducah, Ky. ask to speak to Craig Simms, he’s the store owner. He is a kayaker and has lots of experience paddling and camping in this area. He does a 70 mile trip there every year, and a good person to talk to.

270-443-0019 Hoopers’

no current
You probably know this, but there is very little current in the rivers. So if you want to do without the hassle of shuttles and schedules, you can just lay out some circular courses and return to your starting point.