land of the little sticks

does anyone know of this canoe route . or has anyone paddled it thanks.

not just "one route"
There are many rivers, lakes and routes up there. The Land of Little Sticks is a huge geographical area across northern Canada. Get Hap Wilsons book on Paddling Manitoba. He has a section of the part in Manitoba.

R.Berard-Manitoba canoe routes
one of his maps outlines the Land of the Little sticks.It is the route from the north end of Reindeer Lake ,Cochran River,Thlewaiza River,Neultin Lake,Wolverine River,Caribou River,Seal River,and ending in the Hudson Bay.It is a typical Berard map,full of interesting bits about the history of the area.The accuracy of the placement of the rapids,falls and lakes may be somewhat questionable,and it is always an adventure in itself to try and follow his maps exclusively.


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Little Sticks
I have paddled in this area of “the little sticks”, on the Wolverine, Seal, and Thlewiazia Rivers. This is a most spectacular area to paddle, especially the Wolverine and Seal Rivers. Need more paddling information, please contact me at