Land Paddler

Hey y’all. I live in Southeastern, North Carolina and I have been paddling the ocean and river for 21 years. I made this land paddler as a training aid for days when I can’t make it to the water. I thought it might interest some of you folks…

Demonstrates How Paddles Work
I’ve got the store bought SUP version and use it to demonstrate how the paddle actually propels you. I like your sit down version though, for it appears more comfortable. Thank you for sharing. Now all I got to do is figure out how to fasten the skateboard wheel to my Big Kahuna Stick?

Land Paddler
Thanks for the kind words. Good question on the Big Kahuna Stick. Maybe drop them a line with a link to this video for their input?

Very manuverable
Enjoyed watching your video. Great engineering work. You make it look so easy.

It took a few sessions to master…
I failed miserably during the first session, and then it became much easier after that.