Land Paddling

I don’t always have time to get to water, so I thought I’d purchase a skupboard and a land paddle to be able to land paddle.

I just went out for my first attempt, and while there were differences between the paddleboard and the skupboard the similarities definitely make it a worthwhile training tool.

The skupboard’s trucks are set up to replicate the feel of a surfboard, so it wants to carve unlike a paddleboard on flatwater. However, like a paddleboard it is wide enough for surf or parallel stance, so you can practice what you want and/or what feels comfortable.

Overall, a great experience and workout, and I think helpful to getting better on my paddleboard.

Good to know
I have been thinking of doing that. Where did you get the paddle?

I bought both the board, and paddle
from REI, great price and quick delivery. I spoke to the local skate shop and they had no idea what I was looking for.


Kahuna Creations
Check, i’m on my 2nd board and paddle and have been doing it for 3 years. I use the Pohaku Surfrider board and it’s stable, old school Hawaiian great look, they even use real beach sand laquered on the deck for grip, great stuff.

Another Skupboard user
I just got one from REI and was out for the first time today. Lots to learn obviously. If anyone knows, what I’m wondering is if and how the Skupboard rides differently from other longboards besides being wide enough for SUP stance.

I just tried it for 45 minutes for the first time today. I can paddle a kayak for 26 miles just about any day with relative ease, but two miles on the skateboard wore me out. It took me 45 minutes! I had to stop and rest repeatedly! My forearms are really sore. One shoulder is sore. My calves are sore! I got a cramp in my foot.

This is a serious workout! I was surprised I didn’t fall but the stick helps you balance and slow down if needed.

I hope all this Advil works so I can try it again soon!

I am way too old to be doing this stuff!