Landing fish

What is the preferred method for landing trout while kayak fishing? I have what’s commonly referred to as a boat net, but it seems a big too big for a kayak.

Fly Fishing net
I use a small fly fishing net. It works great.

A slightly longly handled one is helpful

Frabil 3669
Many species can be landed by hand. Some require a lip gripper. Others like fluke need a net. The best net in the kayak is a short handled net with large hoop opening and a lot of depth to the net. The Frabil 3669 is very popular at our shop. Around $8

landing fish
I also use a small trout landing net. It works well for me out of my Perception Captiva 16ft touring kayak. Net is small in size and easy to store.

grab it with your hands

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and beat the crap out it with your paddle right on the deck.

I would just use my hands,but a small net works good.

ultralight trout

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I travel light and would never use a net, as part of the thrill is landing the fish. I work the fish near the boat and grab the swivel clip to lift the fish. If I loose him that's ok. I have forceps handy to unhook and release or keep, always use artficials so rarely do I get into a struggle unhooking. Ate this rainbow.