Landlocked Atlantic Salmon

The state of NJ started stocking landlocked salmon in 2 deep water lakes( one of which I fish quite often)in May 2006. My question is I fish from a Bell canoe Angler, how do you fish for these? Would you drift Live bait at 30 ft or deeper?, Jig with spoons? or is there another method?

Landlocked Pacific Salmon
We have had them for 30 years in Lake Pend Oreille in north Idaho and the best way to fish them is with down riggers. They stay deep. I mean 100 feet or more. We also have some big lake trout.

I do take a shot at them everytime I go out on Garfield Bay in my canoe but I know it’s a very long shot. I paddle out slowly with a spoon and a Blue Fox spinner and drift back with the wind using worms. I figure I’m at fifty feet or better.

Best chance is spring and fall when the surface water is cool. Be ready they can strip a hundred feet of line in no time.

Nothing in five years but one of these days I will get the ride of my life.

No solutions just advise that hasn’t work for me. Yet

Sounds like you as lucky as I am, trying to catch lakers. But who knows maybe one of these days I’ll get the ride of a lifetime.

Guy I know uses a downrigger on
his kayak fishing for stripers and hyrids. Sounds like with landlocks that may be the only way to catch them consistently. You could try some of the deeper diving planers to get your bait or lure down, but don’t believe any will take you much below 30 ft.

Here’s on suggestion for landlocks:

That about covers it.
Good article.