Looking for a lantern for kayak camping. Desirable qualities:

  1. High light output
  2. Relatively small
  3. Long-lasting fuel source

    Not a fan of D batteries—they don’t seem to last at all. I carry a flashlight and headlamp but would like something to illuminate my campsite. I have a candle lantern but it’s pretty ineffective.

REI sells an exclusive head lamp that comes with an attachment that snaps around the head lamp making it into a lantern. Then of course the head band becomes the handle. I do not own one myself, but it looks neat as hell, and it has gotten excellent reviews.

led lantern
I have a Black Diamond Apollo, which I love: . Not as much light as a traditional lantern, but very small and packable, decent light output. If you use a canister stove, you might look at the Snowpeak butane lantern: . I have a gigapower stove, so if I were in the market for a lantern right now, this is the one I would probably get.

here are two
This looks neat but big

This is what I use (actually I have the Snowpeak above)

Got a link for the REI headlamp?

Regular dual fuel coleman lantern? Should run a weekend on a tank unless you leave it on all night. Second choice would be a hurricane oil lamp (made by Dietz).

LL Bean Wind N Go
Problem solved: I found the “Solar Wind N Go Mini Lantern” at LL Bean, $20. I’m really impressed with how much light it puts out. It lights up about 20 feet in all directions and it’s strong enough to read a book by easily. Perfect size for kayaking.

The instructions say you wind 1 minute for 1 hour of light. It’s very easy to wind.

It’s going to be great to be free of batteries and fuel!

I have two of these. I’ve been happy w/them.

Coleman PerfectFlow™ Compact Lantern

Approx. $22.00 - $25.00

Here it is.

Second that BUT…
If you’re buying NEW, get the one with the piezio ignitor…

I like lighting them off w/my Bic.