Large area with Saran wrap?

We are in the midst of repairing RedCrossRandy’s

BIg Blue Minn2. The Gelcoat that originally was on the whole boat is now discontinued. The new gelcoat is slightly lighter but close in color.

I am thinking of re Gellcoating below the 4" water line to cover up and fill in all of our "war injuries " and make the bottom one solid color instead of a mottled paisely.

Would saran wrap applied over the wet gel in diangle(sp?) overlapping strips be appropriate?

If I just fill ing the gouges,dings dents and dangs the bottom is going to be spiders net of criss crossing patches and lines. Since RedCrossRandy leaves “The BigBlueMinn2” out in the Carolina sun the Gel coat repair is needed anyway. A few more oz. of gel is not an issue. we feel the wieght will not slow down our speed as much as the cracks and holes in the canoe.

a second option
Jamestown Distributors sells gel coat that doesn’t need to be covered to cure. I think it has wax or something mixed in that floats to the surface and performs the same function as the saran wrap. I’ve used a fair bit of the stuff and it seems to turn out just fine.

You can buy non wax gel coat and the wax separately and then just add the wax to the final coat.

What ever you do, make sure to add

– Last Updated: Oct-20-07 4:42 PM EST –

about ten or fifteen pounds to the whole job, so that we will be able to keep up with you guys a little easier.


Feel the love from JackL
Randy is threatening to lose 50 pounds so he can paddle Minn4 with you next year! Maybe if we take our rock collections?

Speaking of rocks:
In that race on Lake Hartwell we had about fifteen pounds of rocks up in the bow to trim the boat.

If I had know ahead of time that we were going to be neck and neck at the finish, I would have used them for ammo and thrown them at you.