Large Cockpit Kayak

Hello. I am in the market for a sit in kayak with a very large cockpit for my wife. (She has a bad hip and even has problems getting off of our sit on top). Our sit on top (Dimension Voyager) is a beautiful kayak, but is just too long and heavy for us to lug around. I am looking for a 12’ to 13’ for her. Would anyone have any suggestions on which models we should be looking at? Thanks.


Hurricane Santee 116 Sport

Hurricane Aquasports
Tampico 140L (14’)has no thigh braces, a high back seat and a large cockpit (38x21) Should be light to carry and comfy on the water. Great tracker so less work for her to manage. The Santee 116 (11’6")sport has a really large and elongated cockpit designed in response from requests from fisherfolk and birders for a gear friendly day boat… that cockpit measures 55x24 and 35 lbs!

same problem
If your wife has difficulties getting onto SOT, the SINK is going to be much worse.

Anyways, a lot of good suggestions above.

Before you go and spend big money, see if there are any kayak rentals in your area. Kayaks typically used for recreational rentals gave huge cockpits, might be very similar to what you have in mind, and will give you some idea if the SINK is something to consider.

By the way, there are also composite and light ABS SOTs that could be worth a look. Say, Hurricane Kayaks - Phoenix 120. Never paddled one, but at 38lb doesn’t look too bad.

pack canoe
Much much better idea in this length is to get a pack canoe that she can more easily get in and out of, carry, and still use a kayak paddle. Hornbecks, Bell Bucktail, and many other brands.

Current Designs Kestrel
I have the 140 (14 ft) and love it. The large cockpit makes getting in and out a lot easier. Seat is comfy. Holds a fair amount of gear too. Very stable and a true joy to paddle. CD makes nice boats. Handles wind and waves really well too.

Even though I’m getting an open water boat, I will keep my Kestrel. She’s great when my Yankee relatives come south in the winter.

It was the perfect boat for me to get started with. I have the TCS and it is a little more $$ than the Hurricanes. Please give them a try.


Thanks for all of your ideas. You guys are great!


Here’s another to consider
Perception Sound (formerly Mainstream Sound)

Cockpit opening same as Hurricane Santee 116-Sport. Deck is a bit taller, so more room inside. It’s not as fast as the Santee. I have both, I like both.

Perception is about 1/3 the price of the Hurricane.

Jackson Day Tripper
It’s mostly open.

Eddyline Sandpiper
nice and light, about as big a cockpit as you will find



Old town
The OT Adventure has a good sized cockpit, and the Dirigo even bigger

2nd the pack canoe. A lot easier
to get in and out of than any kayak.

3rd the canoe
plus sitting up higher might be easier on the hip

Large cockpit kayak
Check out a Necky Manitou sport.