Large Duffle Bags

I am looking at large (30" x 50") duffle bags so I can transport a two piece GP on an airline. Any recommendations? Any suggestions for another way to do it?

take a look at this?

I bought one to transport my two piece gp and hybrid aleut two piece along with gear. Big pocket on outside is lockable with a small padlock. velcro flap on top which is actually pretty useful.


Airline baggage service

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Baggage service on airlines is not akin to the type of service you would expect from a waiter; it is like the service a cow gets from a bull.

To compensate for reduced revenues resulting from competitive pricing on tickets airlines now try to maximize revenue from baggage charges. They have become absolutely anal about baggage weight and dimensions. I just took a quick look at American Airlines baggage policy. ( Any bag where the sum of the height, width and length dimensions exceeds 62 inches will be charged an oversized baggage fee of $150. I believe this is $150 each way for a round trip ticket. A 30” diameter by 50” duffle would have a total dimension of 110”. Bend over.

Big Duffel
The biggest bag I have seen is 40" long. People use golf bag for paddles. But here is an idea for you. Modify a pair of crutches using your two-piece GP paddle. Wrap your foot with bandage and pretend that you broke your foot. Just carry the crutches with you.

Great idea! And having had several knee operations I could probably carry it off. Certainly better than bending over.

These days, probably the cheapest reliable method for infrequent travelers.

We used to
put our fishing rods in a piece of 3" plastic pipe with end caps when we flew to Alaska.

If you check them…
Spent 15 years on airplanes for work/travel. Checking sucks, but it’s becoming necessary. Bubble wrap them good and pack them in a flat, shallow cardboard box (type airlines might supply) and duct tape it good and closed. Nobody knows what’s in it. Write your name, address, phone number and destination address clearly marked just in case. The golf bag is an excellent idea also. For carry-on, consider a hanging garment bag. There are closets on every plane in first class, and in between first and coach. If your two piece fits in a garment bag, wrap them up (bubble works great) inside the suit, and you can hang it in the closet. Think business man traveling. Hope this helps.

Carry-on has to get past TSA
I have carried my two-piece paddle on the plane, but a couple of times it was rejected as a potential weapon. You should be careful trying to get it past TSA if it might appear to them that you are trying to disguise it to sneak it past them.

paddles as carryon
In years past traveling to UK for paddling, I was able to carry my Lendal splits as carry on. 2 sets blades, 2 sets shafts and my drysuit all in the Lendal paddle bags which is easy to carry and pack.

I was told that if they didn’t let me through TSA to go back to the desk and they would put the carryon through as luggage w/o an extra charge. Not sure if they would allow for that nowadays so I won’t take the risk and would pack in my regular luggage. Of course, that is possible with the 4 piece paddles but probably not with a 2 piece GP.

Sounds like it might be best to ship the paddles ahead of time along with other things you will need. That will allow you to easily keep within the 50 lb limit per bag.


Good looking bag
My only concern is that it says “look inside here. there may be an expensive item that is easy to steal.” I have a friend who had a nice Silver Creek paddle stolen from the baggage area. My two piece is an expensive carbon fiber GP. I know you work at an airport. Would you be concerned about theft?

I’ve used very large duffles for other camping gear, and had good luck with this one:

For something a little longer, to fit paddles, etc., try a ski/snowboard bag:

I’ve never used one for flying, but they work well for keeping a bunch of loose paddle halves together in the back of a vehicle while traveling. Some are padded, or allow enough room to add your own padding or semi-rigid panels for additional protection.

Good Luck!


Hey Dr.
How long is each section? We make and sell bags for surveying equipment like tripods. I may be able to loan you a bag that might work. Drop me an e-mail.

I got mine at an army navy store

Reading through this thread I came to the conclusion that as a kayaker traveling on a domestic flight in 2 days, my duffel and paddle bag (NRS/split paddle model) will land me squarely in every Delta bend-over fee category to the total tune of more-than-the-price-of-the-ticket. Holy smokes!

Has anyone tried the garment-bag thing in the past month or so without incurring the wrath of TSA?

Has anyone tried wearing all their gear onto the plane? A well-known American kayaker did that about 15 years ago! Maybe it’s time to resurrect the costume – and it’s nearing Halloween.