Large foot peg attachment

I recently read a post which described a large component that could be easily attached to a footpeg. I believe the author posted a history of foot problems from an accident.

I have searched for the post and cannot find it. If anyone recalls this posting, or has other suggestions for a larger foot peg surface (I also have a history of foot joint issues), I would REALLY appreciate it.

Many thanks…


a bit more info
would help , I know yer askin about previous posts but I don’t remember anything . You cartainly have a # of options as long as you are a lil handy with some basic tools . A few other manufactuerers have t-bar rudder systems , which you could rig up in your present boat without too much difficulty . VCP dbls. employ this , personally I don’t like the T . You can also take your present pegs and attach a larger plate of plst,lexan,wood whatever to them by just drillin some holes in the pegs and attaching w/bolts or rivets , I run a yak co. and at times have scout groups that have short kids that can’t reach the pegs , duct tape and 2x4 blocks work long enough for a 3 hr. run but that doesn’t seem to be your problem , mail me if ya want more detail.

If you boat has fiberglass bulkheads
and they are burley just axe the footpegs, get some stiff minicell foam and shape a foam bulkhead-footrest for your boat.

NO footpeg on the planet will be as comfortable, even the kajaksport ones whick are very nice and easy to install. If your bulkheads are plastic then kajaksport is the simplest solution I know of:

I believe that they are designed to go onto keepers footrests, (which I do not like) but perhaps they are easily adaptable to yakima as well.

Otherwise you’ll need help fron those more experienced than me.

A good idea
Thanks Pete_K

They are not the ones I saw referenced here…but are close. I am thinking about making my own or possibly taking a look at the ones you suggested.

I hope to purchase an RM Tempest 170, possibly this weekend. In fact, I believe the fellow who posted attached the larger platforms to a Tempest 170 or 180. I don’t have the bulkhead option.

Possibly these posting may jog someone else’s memory that work is working far better than mine.


KajakSport pedals
Are the biggest I’ve seen. Way better than other tiny pegs for comfort. Have enough flex to work with some rudders too.

Can’t think of much else that can be bolted to existing pedals - unless you DIY. Maybe you just saw a different picture of them?

I’m with Peter though - a full minicell foot brace surface is great. Reason enough to get a skeg over a rudder. Comfort is so good it’s no longer an issue.

I just installed the kajaksport foot
thingies and they really made a big difference in comfort. Go for it.


Another option is to make your own
I’ve used wedges cut from 2x3 stock. I find that a forward angle of ~15 degrees is very comfortable. Having said that, I agree with Peter that nothing beats a padded bulkhead.

Peter_K & Greyak
Great! Yup…you identified them. The pic. Greyak offered was the one I recall…different than the Kajaksport Website pic.

When I build my Cirrus, I plan to go with the bulkhead padding option. As we speak, I am thinking about another way to devise a larger padded surface. How about if I built a padded bulkhead form that could be attached to the two footpegs that could be moved? Then I could go with the padded bulkhead at the 15 deg. angle suggested by bnystrom. Do you think that would create stress on the hull that would exceed the stress placed by the pegs? What do you think?

In the meantime…will likely go with the Kajaksport.


Foot board
You could attach a foot board to both pedals that spans the gap. Add angle, etc. Just watch space above and below (entrapment hazard) - and be aware it may prevent you from stretching out).

That was my original plan - but opted to pad out instead as I had a lot of dead space to fill (Best would have been to put in a new bulkhead and use less foam - but I really didn’t want to commit to that. Might want to sell/share it it someday and this way I can return to stock setup).

IMO - Those KajakSport pedals would be more versatile/easier to do - and can pretty much guarantee result/performance. You should be able to angle them. I think the ones I tried (stock in a KS Vivianne) were angled a bit.

Many thanks to all!

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and a footboard crossing as much as possible fron edge to edge of the interior of the boat should be less stressfull than feet because it will have less leverage. If it is anchored at the bottom and pressing forward against a big block of foam at the heels, that will further dissipate stress.

Go fot it.

BTW every single artisan Millenium I saw at Maine Island Kayak company which still had the footrails left in them had very bent footrails. Those folks really used the footpegs though, they train some seakayakers up there.

That was probably…
my post titled ‘My feet are so happy’. I crushed a foot under a heavy hawg many moons ago and it’s never been quite the same since!

I couldn’t find the thread either. The search engine doesn’t seem to work very well here as I’ve experienced difficulty finding other threads, too.

Anyway, it was indeed the KS pedals I used in my T-165. While designed to go on Keepers, they will also work on the Yakimas and other brands. You may have to modifiy a bit.

My mod required new mount holes in the KS pedals to fit my Yakimas and my boat. I’m long legged and my preferred foot position is far forward. Clearance for the KS pedals was an issue but it was resolved.

I have a few hints and some pix that may be of assistance to you if you’d like. Just shoot me an email.

The KS pedals have a rubber spacer between them and the existing pedals allowing the KS unit to articulate somewhat, perhaps 25 degrees fore and aft.

I’m really liking mine. I spend a good deal of time on rivers and solid pedal bracing is important to me. No worries with the KS pedals.

Pleasant waters to ya.