Large Man

I’m looking for suggestions and/or recommendations (Manufacturer and model)for a canoe for a large guy (6’4" & 350 lbs.)

Any thoughts?

Depends on what you want
Depends on what you want it for.


Solo or with a buddy, or a little of both?

Bathtub paddling or class 1 or class 2 or more active?

fishing or trying to go fast?

if you just want a good all around canoe that can tote a big man, ain’t glamorous, but the Mad River Explorer will do the job.



Grumman G-129
For a big guy solo this one has a seat that i know will hold up under 350# of paddler weight. You will also need a deep full volume solo unless you are going to go with a long expedition type canoe, and there the choices would include the Wenonah Encounter, the Nova Craft Bob Special or SuperNova. Many others will chime in with their choices and some of them are big guys with lots of water experience.


If you have some experience…
and you want to do fast lake and large river paddling, I’d suggest the Wenonah Voyager. At 6’3" 245 the boat still floats quite high.

lot of canoes fine for a big guy, especially if fishing. Old Towns, Mad Rivers come to mind. My Swift Dumoine makes me at 6’2" 210 feel small unless I’m poling.

Loon line

We’re big folks and we have liked the Loon 100 and Loon 138. Just make sure you demo the new model as the new hull is smaller than the older models. Hint: The new ones have a gray seat, the old ones a black.