Large Paddling Helmet

I thought about posting this under “Protecting Large Melons,” but thought better of it.

I have a big head. C = 23.75" to be exact. Various hat sizing schemes put this between a hat size 7.5 and 7.75.

Most paddling helmets claim to fit heads up to C = 23.5". I can cram an XL Pro-Tec onto my head, but it isn’t exactly comfortable.

Does anyone have any experience or ideas?



I’ve had similar problems. For a long
time, high-end, sophisticated helmets did not fit across the width of my head. (Snide comments welcomed.) I kept using my old ProTecs. Recently I bought a Shred Ready T-dub that just barely fits across the width, with all sizing foam removed. There isn’t space to use the ear flaps or to wear an insulating hood, so it’s going to be a helmet for warmer weather only.

I like the Sweet helmets, and might have bought one, but I would have had to shave the foam liner on the sides to fit.

I never used to have trouble getting quality motorcycle helmets that fit. I’m not sure why most ww helmets don’t quite provide for XL heads. Similar to the glove problem, where so called XXL paddling gloves often aren’t.

The husband has a large head and Gath Helmets come in XXL.

Fits him fine and gives good protection in surf and WW.

Bern helmets
Bern makes two styles of paddling helmet that come in XXL, which fits 23.8" - 24.4":

my head is a size 7.5 / 23.5" and I wear a Bern XL that fits true to size and very comfortably.

expensive, but . . .
Gath helmets go up to XL and come with fit strips to customize the sizing to your heads own peculiar shapes. I originally ordered an XL Gedi, and it was too big for my head (circumference = 23 3/4"), so I traded it for a large, which fits great.

It’s the only helmet I’ve tried that feels comfortable on me. All the others were more spherical, and crushed the front and back of my apparently misshapen head.

Same problem here too.
I have a cascade which is uncomfortably tight when i wear a neoprene hood underneath. Lots of room in my FNA helmet. They are at:

cheap guys with big heads
The foam in the Pro-Tec helmets can be trimmed and shaped just like when you are outfitting mini-cell for a cockpit. For limited use & best value, they are hard to beat (especially if you already own one)

It’s comforting to know…
…that I’m not alone.

Shred Ready makes a helmet called the Shaggy, which is perhaps intended for paddlers with Polamaluesque hair, but is conveniently well suited for the paddler with the Sputnikesque cranium. I’m going to give that a whirl.

Thanks for all the tips. I found them all encouraging.