Large person kayak

I’m trying hard to find a kayak for a 5’6 inch 280 person. Rec boat, to be precise…

Any thoughts? Oh, and of course, they are on a budget.

big man kayak
malibu xfactor, ocean kayak big game prowler, cobra also makes a big man kayak, they are sit on tops, look up reviews, test paddle at a good kayak store.u can look up specs online

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140. Probably out of their price range, but there are lots of them out there so might be able to find a used one.

Why not encourage them to lose weight
A that height, unless they have a physical problem, it should be quite easy to drop a hundred pounds, Just by proper diet and exercise.

Jack L

Solo tandem?
Not sure if this is an option or not but some tandems can be setup for solo use. Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T is 1 example.

re bigman kayak
message to Jackl, this guy wants a simple kayak question answered, not that he is 100 pounds overweight, is your call name Jackl, u should change it to jackass…

Has this person kayaked before?
Can they climb in and out of the boat on land, a dock, can they self rescue in a rec boat in deep water?

12 foot sot
Just about any 12 foot sot will do the trick. Easier to get on and off of. Look at the tribe series. For a sit in a jackson daytripper 12 would do it.

A12foot SOT will be wet and slow at 280 lbs. Go with a 14 footer.

Perhaps Jack is trying to be helpful.
His responses are generally very informative and not not intended to be demeaning.

This subject came up this weekend at an annual Safety Day training for a group I belong to.

I have had a couple of very overweight friends try our SOT’s and they had little to no agility to get onto the boat. One even ended up in the water on their hindend.

It’s not only the weight, but to even get onto an SOT or in a SIT-IN you must have more than the ability to turn and plop your bum onto or into the seat. That’s the easy part. One must also be able to get off or out of the boat.

I’ve had overweight people try to get into our Loon 111’s and get stuck. This can be extremely dangerous as well as embarrasing for a friend. And who amongst us want to say to a friend, “You’re just too fat to even try.”? They already know they are overweight but to be in a situation such as this is also hard on their self esteem.

Many of us would love to see these folks be able to get out on the water with their friends, but there comes a point when common sense must come into play.

Because of the open volumn of canoes, this is why some suggest them as an alternative. Plus their is the safety factor that must also be considered.

Depending on the quality of some boats, damage can also occur in the form of buckling or oil canning.

re jackl resoponse
I apoligize to jackl, i have several friends and a close relative who are big people,1 of them is a former power lifter,big guy, has some medical issues,i just find it a little offensive to tell someone it should be easy to lose 100 pounds. You may have been trying to be helpful, and i took it wrong. But very few people unless at a younger age can drop 100 pounds easily. many have medical conditions.Really they should check with there doctor and get his input on what they plan to do and most doctors will be upfront and give u their opinion on what they should do.sorry jackl,im sure ur intentions were good,just for many people, its not an option.

Ditto the Pungo 140
I meet plenty of enthusiastic people who want to find an activity suitable for their proportions.

Good attitude only goes so far. At some point, flexibility and dimensions become prohibitive. Be supportive, be realistic. Keep your friend safe.


When I was 296# I paddled a Prijon
Cruiser. I’m 209 now and still paddling it. At 296 I had to take out the seat and sit on the floor. I put it back in and changed the thigh pads. There’s a dozen ways to get in as long as the cockpit is just not too small.

Ride 135 by Wilderness
The local dealer recommended this to me, almost insisted I not buy anything else. It tracks pretty well, is very comfortable, feels secure, and with my bad back I can roll in and out of it much easier than I could my Pungo 140.

It is a SOT but I didn’t get any wetter than than in the Pungo.

LL Duece Coupe SOT
can be set up for solo.

6’-0" / 225 lbs and my new Liquid Logic Remix XP10 fits me well with room to spare. Rated for up to 300 lb occupant.

So far I’ve only paddled it on a lake and a Class I river, but it’s a wonderful boat in every way for me. Not planning on taking it on any rivers over Class II (III), but it can handle more for sure.

Tracks well on flat water with the skeg down, but definitely not as efficient as a touring kayak.

Great cross-over, if that’s any interest to you.

475 lb. capacity

(I’m not crazy about the lack of flotation, but I suppose it could be added.)

tsunami 145

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I tried one of these about 5 years ago and thought it was too big for me. They do say ideal for large paddler.

Their site says 350 max capacity, so that might be cutting it a little close, especially compared to say the Deuce Coupe SOT. But perhaps if gear weight is kept to a minimum...

No need to apologize
I refuse to be “politically correct”, but would rather tell it like it is.

Talk to any health official who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and they will tell you that this country has gone to “pot”.

Of course there are some people that have to fight their weight situation constantly and others who have medical problems, but the majority could lose weight just by proper diet and exercise.

If you think I am a “jackass” for telling it like it is, then I feel sorry for you.

Jack L

Sit on tops
There are many sit on tops that can handle a lot of weight. Fishing boats tend to be very slow and stable on the water, add the weight of a large person and gear and they turn into a barge. That may be fine, everyone isn’t looking for speed.