larger kayks

need suggestions on larger kayaks, 6’2, 300 lbs



more info needed
Besides your size, do you want plastic or composite of some sort. What kind of water will you paddle in, like ocean/great lakes. Rivers, rivers with moving water. Price range your willing to spend. New or used.

eddlyline sitontop 14’ has 400# capacity
and plenty of room, handles waves well in flatwater from passing water skiers and ski doos, fast for a sot.


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Get a tandem SOT and paddle from the center position

loom for 400+ pound capacity
You should look for boats listed as 400 or more in weight capacity.

That said, I’d still like to see the answers to the questions that DC9MM asked - without those answers we don’t know if you are looking for a white water boat, touring boat, fishing boat, or something else. Suggesting something without knowing this stuff is just us taking shots in the dark, and isn’t really providing you with good info.

Larger kayak
Composite or plastic ok, used ok, used for lakes mostly

New to the sport?
Or have you been paddling a while? Are you looking for a day boat or a camping boat?

If you want to do some camping I’ve had great experience with the Delta 18.5. I’ve had about 400lbs in mine and it still paddles well even if it is riding low. At 300lbs it has a great waterline. It’s very stable, fast enough and has huge dry hatches to swallow all your gear. I do wish it tracked a little harder but that’s a minor complaint sorted by the rudder.

There are lots of other options if you don’t need to carry a bunch of gear. Tempest 180, Tahe Reval HV, Impex Assateague, Delta 17 etc.

article to read
Lakes could mean sit on top kayaks, recreational class kayaks, or touring/sea kayaks. You might want to read an article in California Kayaker Magazine on the basics of the different types of kayaks. The magazine is out of publication, but all issues are available online at The article you want is in issue #10.

The post below with the Delta suggestion are all touring kayaks. If touring is what you decide, those are good options to consider.

I had company arrive this morning before I could finish my post. As Peter said the boats I mentioned are all touring kayaks, some sportier than others. I paddle these types of boats on larger lakes, slow moving rivers and the ocean whenever I get the chance.

Also take all manufacturer’s “max capacity” numbers with a grain of salt. Rent if you can.

What kind of kayaking are you interested in doing? I am a big fan of the pungo 140 by wilderness system which is a recreational kayak.

It is rated for 350lbs and from the reviews is a good kayak for the larger/heavier folks. It is very stable, comfortable and has nice tracking leaving room for gear behind the seat. It also has dual bulk heads for added stability. There is an angler version of it too for dishing but that is not my thing.