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hi Gang

I live down here in Fla and have started the look for a yak. Pretty sure I don’t want a fishing yak, more of a rec/touring boat. My plans are for day trips a few overnighters and hopefully something longer 3-5day trips. I’m 6,3 240lbs looking for a nice efficient yak. I seem to be leaning towards the tsunami 145,165 or the new Focus 155 by Wilderness systems. My budget is $1500 for the yak . Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I will be using this in rivers and saltwater lagoons and possibly some open water stuff in the everglades.

Thanks for your help

Don’t jump too soon
There are a ton of boats that fit your budget, so do a lot more looking. There are also a ton of boats that suit your size, so do a lot more looking. I would suggest for instance, the Current Designs Sirocco.

I hope you have included a fair budget for a paddle, pfd and a whole bunch of other odds and ends that you’ll need before you’re ready to hit the water. I also hope that you will seek advice from knowledgeable folks especially about a proper pfd and paddle.

ive budgeted $100-125 for pfd and $400 for a paddle for the big ticket stuff. Were also building a 4 yak rack off of a boat trailer to haul with.

In the ballpark
You should be able to find a decent pfd for the price you’re budgeted for, but be sure it is a paddling pfd. On the paddle, I would opt for two paddles if you really intend to spend around $400. Actually, you should be able to find two very, very good paddles for that amount. One that I would highly recommend for a spare, or even for your number one, would be the Carlisle Expedition.

So the consensus would be to get two heavier lower cost paddles instead of one ultralight one?? I understand the safety aspect of the idea but I would think that a lighter main paddle would help with fatigue and a heavier back up paddle just in case would work?

Add a Jura HV
Add a Venture Kayaks Jura HV to your list and get a paddle that you like at the end of the day.

There are be on-water outfitters that sell kayaks down in SW FL that will be able to give you good advice and provide you the opportunity to try out the recommended models.

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You be the judge
I didn’t recommend getting “heavier low cost” paddles per se–just saying that there are plenty of very nice glass paddles and even some carbon paddles that are far less than $400. Again, do a lot more looking. I suspect that the first boat you get, won’t be your last and neither will the paddle.