Larger Paddlers- Cetus HV vs. Skerray XL

I dont think my Skerray tracks very well. On a calm day, I can get the boat going in a straight line, stop paddling while perfectly balanced, have the boat go right or left immediately no matter what blade was last to touch the water.

What kind of reputation does the Cetus HV have for tracking?

Of course I will take a test paddle but its a bit of a drive so I would like to ask here.

No clue on your question but I do know my CD boats North America style all track excellently.

This is not quite the answer you need, but …
I had a classic Cetus (before it was partitioned into the LV, MV, and HV). It tracked quite well.

The Cetus line tracks quite well yet has the maneuverability to play in waves. I know of a lightweight carbon kevlar 2022 model with orange deck, black logo/seam, white hull, white kevlar keel strip and glassed in footbraces that happens to be available. :wink:

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Post a picture of it. :laughing:

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Going to have to suffice for now. Busy getting kayaks together to deliver tonight.

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Driving to paddle Marshall’s boats is never worth it … according to my accountant.

But seriously, just go paddle Marshall’s boat!

And get Mexican from that place in town for dinner, yummy, never had cactus before!


Another Cetus comment:
My short inseam creates a problem with the fore deck pod. In particular, on a longer paddle I like to take my feet off the foot braces to relax my legs every now and then. The pod inhibits this.

Actually, that’s true with long legs also. If I ever win the lottery and build a custom boat, I’d see if they could make that half as big.

The first thing I noticed when I got the Necky Manitou for the travel trailer towing situation was that I could finally move my feet around! (And yes, I miss the deck pod!)

So yes, consider that wonderful and awful deck pod.

I also have a 17.3 Etain whose deck pod is quite shallow and causes me no problem with moving legs and feet. However, this deck pod is removable, which I personally don’t like.

Is this the pocket for the forward day hatch?

Yes, this the pocket for the forward day hatch.