larger person kayak

i’m new to kayaks and live in western new hampshire.

looking to buy my first kayak for mostly recreational/fishing/day trips on small and med. size lakes. looking in the 13’ range.

i’m 6’ tall and weigh 230 lbs wth large thighs, i’m having trouble with most kayaks i try with hip pads. i just feel crammed in, very uncomfortable.

any suggestions on who has a larger compartment?

Sit on tops…
like the Tarpon 140 come to mind.

The Cobra Fish and Dive is reportedly as stable as an aircraft carrier.

I fished with a guy who is about your size recently. He was fishing from a Mainstream Patriot and did fine with it.

Have you had any opportunity to try a few different boats?

Conventional wisdom is that you try as many different models as is possible before you invest. It’s not always easy to do but it’s good advice. I didn’t so now I’m shopping again.

i’m #300
and i presently own and endorse the loon 111 and 138, walden scout, perception america 11.5. mikey

Old Town 138
I’m 6’2" 230 and paddle an Old Town 138. Mostly day trips/fishing on small to large lakes. The large cockpit on this boat makes it easy to get in and out. Super stable, really comfortable. Lots of room for fishing gear and other cargo. I’ve done overnighters in this boat and had room to spare. Foam filled hull insulates you from cold water. It has reasonable speed (as fast as my Tarpon 160) and manuevers easily. Tough as nails. Old Town makes decent boats. Another option might be the Old Town Adventure XL 139. Or possibly a solo canoe.

I love my Pungo and I’m big. I was even bigger before and loved it then. Mine is 14 ft but the 12 foot model might also be a good choice. I’ve used mine for noodling around in small slow streams, big lakes, day trips, fishing, and several night camping trips. Great all around wide body kayak. Good luck with your search.


I’m 6’ 260lbs. Use my 140 in SW bays and harbors and this boat rocks. It just flat out outperforms any rec boat in it’s class. Plenty of room to fish from also. Good luck.

Many to choose from
Most any of the longest sit on tops will have be able to support your weight.

Ocean kayak - Prowler, Scupper Pro, etc.

Wilderness Systems - Tarpon 16, maybe the 14

Necky Dolphin - won’t handle your leg length

Current Design - Storm - Sit inside, has removal thigh braces that may help you. Foot size ???

Current design - Whistler - Sit inside, might be okay, check website for sizing and capacity

Trying is believing



Hemlock Nessmuk XL (nm)

I always recomend the Pungo 140 to those who want a SIS foe rec/fishing.There are plenty of nice SOT’s too.Ocean will soon be releasing a 13’ version of the Prowler.Theyre Drifter would also be great for you.Malibu’s Pro Explorer is well worth a look.Good luck!

#1 Rule
Remember when buying a yak, try before you buy! Only your own backside will tell which is right for you!

As far as large cockpit rec boats there are several out there. Ranging from low price scale Mainstream Patriot(some models have biult in rod holders), to mid price - Preception America, to higher priced WS Pungo 140.(the WS 120 & 140 offer angler models) There are many more that would probably work - Swifty/Sparky’s, Victory Classic 12’s, etc…

Paddled all 3 of the first boats mentioned and by far the best boat for me was the Pungo 140. Comfort level much greater than the others and IMO paddled much better than the others.

Large Yakker boat
Try the Walden Scout or Sunapee.

Should fit your need well.

I’m 6’0" 225. and ahve used both. I’m presently paddling Perception Acadia 12.5.

Its graet all-round and has a lage cockpit.


why short boat?
I am 6’3" and have a tarpon 160, love it, its fast, stable and a pretty dry ride unless you get some waves over the deck.