Laser Blade kayak

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I just purchased this kayak but cannot find any information on the web about it. it is 14' and looks like a surfski or a racing yak. I have not tried it out yet. does anyone have any knowledge about it. It was made by Laser sailboat Co. thanks

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Racing kayaks aka Surfski are very, very, long and narrow.
Many are often 18 ft in length

Other kinds of kayak racing exists.
Perhaps you mean this style, at 17ft long ?

laser blade
this is a decked boat with a deep molded in seat and footwell. 14’x24".

Laser kayak

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The Laser kayaks were originally sold as TAD Offshore 4.2 (Meter)kayaks. The TAD kayaks were designed and built in Orange County, Califiornia starting in the late 70's by a kayaker/businessman named Tadeuz(TAD). The 4.2 meter single seater was followed by a tandem version and a rowing scull using the same design.
He sold his designs and rights to manufacture the boats to Laser, and I think they were called Laser Blades. Laser stopped making them after a short while and they faded away.
I got mine in 1976 (or so) and still have it. I used to kayak with Tad and a group of TAD owners in Newport Beach during the 70's/80's. It's an interesting design for its time.

Laser Blade kayak
I’d be interested in more information as well, we have a tandem and a shell…any idea of the relative value? these have NEVER been in the water.

Lazer kayaks
Hi All found this post very old. I worked at Performance sailcraft in Costa Mesa. In the 80’s.

We assembled the kayaks single an tandom there.

The molds were made by Tad. The glass was done up the street by a company called “Nona”. We would get the top deck and the bottom hull and bond them together.

Add flotation & fittings ect. We also repaired laser sail boats and also made rowing shells that were molded at Nona. It was fun working there. I would borrow kayaks very weekend and go out as far as the oil platforms off Hunting Beach.