Lash Tabs Source

Anyone know a good source for pfd lash tabs? Our hiking/camping store didn’t have any. I’d like to sew them on my daughters and wife’s vests. Anyone try sewing on small nylon webbing loops.

I want them to have a handy place for whistles, knives, penlights etc.

You will of course be rendering
them unfit by USCG standards. You might be ticketed, but I have never heardc of themm ticketing a sea kayaker for modifying a PFD.

Try Seattle fabrics.

(For legal purposes I advise you not to do this. Wink Wink Nudge nudge)

From Peter K (who had never violated a single law in his entire life)

(Isn’t it funny how it is actually difficult for most of us to get through a single day without violating a law?. Traffic at least)

Any Modification illegal?

Thanks for the heads up. So any material modification to a pfd is a no no?

Any sewing of anything else onto it
is pretty much verboten. Possibly my Lotus EFT pack also, despite its break away clips.

Do what you like. Test your gear as you will use it.

As any good martial teacher would say, "Play like your are fighting (with focus, power, etc P.K.); fight like you are playing (Get your brain out of the way and let training and instinct take over).

So, be serious about testing you gear after you modify it, (making leagal modifications only :wink: ) then use it with confidence.

As a USCG Patroler, I have never heard of a kayaker ever stopped much less cited. Do what you want with your PFD, Just wear it don’t stow it.

Never happened to me, but I’ve
heard of several instances where Rangers have forbidden river launches when checking permits/gear due to PFD modifications. At many popular western put-in’s, there will be somebody checking for firepans, approved crappers, etc. Usually the biggie is a 1st aid kit appropriate for the group size but the PFD hack comes up occasionally.

Lash Tabs
I just got mine in the mail today from a company called Seattle Fabrics. You can find them online, VERY cheap and reliable…the trick is getting them on any ideas?