Lashing Patch on PVC

Greetings. I cannot find a source for a common four-way lashing strap that is fit onto a 5" round PVC patch.

I want to keep a blade on my boat instead of on my PFD.

I find it hard to believe that no one produces these for the market, Anybody ever seen such an animal? Can anybody point me in the right direction, please?

Just use poly webbing.

Here you go

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You'd have to sew it onto your backing of choice

Lashing Patch
THAT’S the ticket, thank you! You’re a champ.

I’ll just have to go home-grown for the solution.

It astounds me that the marketplace hasn’t already come up with idea (the lashing square already sewn onto a PVC patch).

get some made easily
Seattle Fabrics sells the 4-way molded lash tabs (sew-on type) for 70 cents each. Most decent local paddling outfitters will stock some too. Take them to a shoe repair shop with some PVC raft patch material cut to the size you want and have them sew the lash tabs on with their heavy duty machines. Or, if you have a friend with an old Singer treadle sewing machine, they can do it for you.

In fact, anybody who does outdoor activities and would like to make or modify or repair their own gear would do well to buy a functioning old Singer treadle machine. They can be had for a song on Craigslist just about anywhere in the country. The 1920’s and up models with the standard modern bobbin work best, you can still buy leather drive belts for them and the suckers will stitch through a two by four, I swear. I have sewn multiple levels of canvas, installed zippers in leather jackets and sewed neoprene hatch covers and wet wear with my two Singers. Few modern electric sewing machines (at least the non-industrial ones) can do that as well as a treadle.

Seems like a lot of extra work
Buy lash tab.

Buy PVC disk.

Sew tab to disk.

Glue assembly to boat.

Attach knife to tab.

Vs. my suggest to just use a bit of webbing.

Cut 4 inches of webbing.

Glue the ends to the boat.

Attach knife to the unglued part in the middle.

Go paddle.

With much more room on a boat than
on a PFD, why not go for a sword? Or a whale harpoon?