lashing technique

no not flagellation, my sailing canoe. it has amas and akas that are lashed to the canoe and each other, 8 lashings in all. i’m using 1/4" bungee now, several turns stretched tight and tied off with square knots. trying to keep the bungee tight while making several turns has proven amazingly tedious, maybe i just need practice. is there a better way?

I use…
Nylon straps with fastex friction buckles (Sleeping bag straps) to mount my outriggers to a Perception Carolina 14.5…from your photo, I see pegs as lashpoints…loop straps around where the lashing is now, and cinch them down…

Why bungee?..the stretch would seem to provide a movement that would loosen the lashing…try nylon parachute cord or even 1/4 braided nylon line…no give…

the contraction of the stretched bungee
takes out any slack as the connection ‘works’ under load and stays tight. 1/4" nylon stretches under load and leaves a looser connection than the bungee stretched tight. even 1/8" spectra loosens as the joint ‘works’. the problem is the difficulty in keeping the bungee stretched as it is lashed and tied. the bungee is also difficult to untie because it’s under load (stretched). anyway thanks for the nylon web idea, do you have any pics of your carolina setup?

lashing technique
personally, i’ve always favored the cat o’nine tails, but they seem to be harder and harder to get these days. proper lashing technique really is the key to paddling a double successfully.

I am assuming you are lashing the amas and akas to the thwarts?? If so, why not create clamps that stay attached to the amas and akas with big thumb screws and contact pads. To mount the units, you just slip the clamps over the thwarts and tighten down the thumb screws. They won’t work loose. You might need to use a half sleeve to distribute the load on the screw side of the clamps.