lasso/kong security cables

Does anyone use these? Any comments?


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i was looking for some way to lock down my kayaks and decided that the lasso would be the best way, i just didn't want to pay for it, so i just got about 17 feet of chain and two locks and made my own for about $25. it works great, i would imagin that the lasso works just as well

Kryptonite cables
You can also get Kryptonite cables & locks at most larger hardware stores these days. The cables are nylon coated so you won’t be clanking on your boats like with a chain. Unless of course you splurge for nylon coated chain…

I use one and like it fine. I think the Lasso is a little more flexible than hardware store cables, making it easier to loop around the roof rack. Also, the integral lock to the lasso means you don’t have to worry about a padlock swinging down and denting your boat or car roof. I think the Lasso is worth the price. Oh, and it comes with a cute little stuff sack too.

Very good product
We bought 2 last summer. The built-in loops that fit over the bow and stern make them a bit quicker to use than generic cables. I also prefer the combination lock over keyed padlocks.

I like to use the Lasso lock as a cradle lock when I’m on the water, too. Because I have easy-to-remove Thule J cradles on a trailer, I always lock them to the trailer. It takes less time than removing and re-placing the cradles.

hanging locks
yeah if you’re gonna use it while driving then a cable is the way to go, i only use it when i’m gonna leave it parked for a while, so i don’t worry about the locks or anything banging, also i pput them on a trailer so i could probably just have the locks hanging down if i really wanted to use it while i was driving. good point though