Last kayak choice meandering

Over the last 20 years I have owned Waldens, Prijons, a Necky, and a Lincoln… But the WS Pungo 140 was the devil I knew for coastal, 8-12 hour all night striper & daytime mackerel fishing. Recently after reaching 70+ years of age, I downsized to a Pungo 120 (…after briefly owning a Tsunami 125 but it did’t have enough room for my fishing or photo gear). The Pungo 120 is easy in & easy out, tracks well but it feeIs slower and its having one bulkhead is an issue for me. I am 5’8" tall and weigh 151 lb. and have never had a problem with turning around my Pungo 140’s, loved how they tracked so straight… I have been considering a Carolina 14.0 but I am apprehensive about a less hard chined hull, not having paddled a flat bottom kayak since 1999. Car topping: If I had a Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris instead of an SUV, I’d still be paddling my last Pungo 140 - it could have eventually been my coffin.

Are you asking if the Carolina is more suited to your needs than the Pungo? Are you looking for a lighter boat for loading on your SUV?
Have you looked at SOT like the WS Tarpons?

Thanks. Lighter weight than the 58lb. 140 but longer than 120, a bit more speed would be good. The 39" cockpit should be easier to get in & out of than the Tsunami. I paddle local lakes in the fall/ backchannels in the winter so SOT would not be for me. I would have to rent a Carolina 14.0 before deciding on purchasing or continue searching.

Lighter in poly is going to be a challenge.

A S14 would fit the parameters and be @34lbs.

There is a new “leftover” S14 at the Kittery Trading Post (Maine) - the cockpit opening is too tight for me as a recreational paddler and the price is $2,695, more than twice my budget. For me 53 lb. is a doable weight limit. Thank you.

Give the Carolina a try. My grandson tried one at a demo day and enjoyed it.

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I never said light would be cheap. That leftover is likely a Gen 1 S14. The Gen 2 is definitely scaled up to accommodate a larger paddler. Straighter tracking too.


With the Pungo 140, there were times I could paddle in place against the outgoing tide/ current - without advancing but the chined hull made it possible to keep it straight. I want to see if the Carolina can do that.
Due to the current plastic shortage it might be easier for to try kayaks by renting than to find a new one in stock.

Narrowed my list of my recreational, non-fishing craft choices to the Carolina 12.0 and the Tsunami 125 - has anyone owned or paddled both of these? Years ago I briefly had a Tsunami 125 to use - is the Carolina 12.0 any slower? I have read about the Carolina “oil canning”/denting - never had that problem with any of my Wilderness kayaks. I hope there are some demo days this summer.